Platypus II

Platypus II

Platypus II is a wonderful shooting game in which you fly a spaceship
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Platypus II is a wonderful shooting game in which you fly a spaceship. In this game, you can choose your spaceship out of four models and customize you weapon loadouts. Your job is to survive the levels by shooting every enemy vessel that approaches while you travel through different fascinating worlds. You can play alone or with a friend. The more vessels you destroy, the more points you get. The game is full of different enemies and obstacles that you must shoot or avoid if you want to succeed. On your way, you can collect a series of power-ups that help you destroy more enemies in less time, and fruits that provide bonus points. The game includes two difficulty levels and you can choose to play with the mouse, joystick or keyboard, giving you the option to customize the keys. The graphics are incredible and original, featuring a great variety of beautiful and well-made scenarios that will certainly call your attention. Sound effects and music are also very good and contribute to make the game more enjoyable and attractive.
Apart from the different scenarios and better graphics, the game offers no significant gameplay changes from its predecessor, but still can be considered an excellent choice when looking for a shooting game full of action.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and music
  • Five worlds to discover
  • You can choose your ship model
  • Lots of power-ups and bonuses
  • Two difficulty modes
  • You can play with a friend


  • None
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